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About us

  1 – Obtain knowledge from the comfort of your own place anywhere in the world At the time which you prefer with us Especially for the one who would not normally be able to travel to seek knowledge.

  2 – We are a group of native professionals professors with extensive experience in the field of Quran, Arabic language and Islamic Studies. Most of us have Ijazah (religious permission),  masters and PHDs.

 3 – Our program incorporates industry leading teaching methods through utilising the latest hardware, fast Internet,  and the best electronic blackboard..

4 – The program aims to give a foreign student all of the different Arabic language skills and related as follows :

  A- Reading   B- Writing   C- Listening and understanding D – Conversation and communication E – Grammer and Rules F – Culture and General Knowledge               G – “Slang” which is the focus of students choice. 

5- Our program also offers the possibility of studying the Islamic sciences such as Fiqh, Hadith, Tafseer and any other Islamic books .

6 – Al – Dhad program provides students the ability to study and understand any book they have and helps them to prepare for Universtiy exams as well prepare them for “International GCSE/IGSCE exams”.

Start your free trail

If you interested to learn Arabic, Quran or Islamic studies in interactive way for teaching online, and need to know our method in teaching, so we offer for you  a free trail in the time you choose.

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